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Hibi 10 Minutes Aroma Japanese Incense

hibi Herbal Incense

hibi Herbal Incense

The hibi Herbal incense collection carries seven unique floral scents ranging from sweet, spicy cool, bittersweet to citrus green notes.

Lemongrass has a sweet and bittersweet scent that restores and refreshes your mind.
Lavender an elegant floral fragrance that soothes your mind and prepares your sleep.
Geranium blends the sweetness of a rose with a green note, helps restore the balance of a dull spirit.
Ylang Ylang has a rich and sensual sweetness which relieves tension.
Tea Tree has an unique spicy cool freshness which calms and makes you refreshed.
Citronella brings a fresh citrus green note and refreshes your mind.
Fragrant Olive has a tender and sweet scent that calms your soul.

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