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Comment utiliser hibi

L'arôme hibi 10 minutes fabriqué au Japon est distribué exclusivement par Higher Ground Home and Garden au Canada.

hibi est un bâton d'encens qui s'allume comme une allumette. Il s'agit d'une fusion innovante de deux arts traditionnels de l'encens sur l'île d'Awaji et des allumettes à Harima au Japon. hibi signifie « au jour le jour » car l’allumette d’encens est si facile à utiliser au quotidien. Profitez du hibi avec votre tasse de thé ou de café. C'est tout simplement relaxant, rafraîchissant et édifiant.

The hibi Story

  • Gently strike the incense match

    1. Gently strike the hibi incense match

  • Wait until the flame is extinguished

    2. Wait until the flame is extinguished

  • Put on the mat and enjoy

    3. Put the hibi incense on the non-inflammable mat, and enjoy the soothing aroma.

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Hibi is an incense stick that lights like a match. It is an innovative fusion of two traditional art of incense in Awaji Island and matches in Harima in Japan. The name hibi translates to "day to day," as it is meant to be something simple enough for you to use everyday. Whether you're enjoying a cup of tea or a cup of coffee, hibi is the perfect companion to enhance your everyday routine.

What makes hibi 10 minutes aroma a better choice than other incense?

Hibi is an award-winning design of traditional Japanese incense that lights like a match. Hibi offers a convenient way to enjoy Japanese fragrance anywhere, anytime. The fragrance is subtle and smooth. The incense burns for 10 minutes but the soothing aroma stays in the air for some time.

How many fragrances does hibi 10 Minutes Aroma offer?

Hibi has four collections with a total of 16 fragrances. They come in packages of 8 sticks and 30 sticks, as well as gift boxes in assortment of 3 fragrances for personal, gifting or corporate use.

What should I do when hibi incense stick breaks?

Incense matches are delicate and should be lit gently. Hold the match close to the tip and without burning yourself strike in a straight line and wait for the flame to reach the incense stick. Then blow out the flame and place it on the incense mat provided. A lighter may also be used. If the incense stick breaks, you may try a new one and place the broken stick at the end of the burning match on the mat to extend its use.

Can I use a base other than the incense burning mat provided?

Every hibi package comes with a non-flammable mat for your convenience to enjoy hibi anytime, anywhere. You may also use other non-flammable base to hold the incense match.

Is there an expiration date for hibi?

There is no expiration date. However, we recommend that it be used within 3 years for your enjoyment of full aroma. Please keep the hibi pack in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Can I use hibi outdoor?

You may enjoy hibi incense outdoors if the air is calm. Please be mindful of any fire hazards.